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When I first started developing software, I was often lured in by flashy marketing claims of tools or programming languages. “You can display ‚Hello World!‘ in 5 minutes!” claims on the front pages of tools or programming languages. While the claim is often true, it isn’t honest. Yes, it took only a couple of minutes, but I just copied example commands without understanding what I am doing. I had to trust the default settings. I had to accept the shortcomings of the tool I picked. What about security? And of course, I could not sell ‚Hello World!’ to a client. I would have wished for honest courses teaching me what I really need.

I would have been grateful for a mentor taking me under his wing. Someone explaining to me the “Why” behind some best practices. A guru that offers advice on how things are done “in the real world” as opposed to the examples in books and online tutorials.

Today, I sometimes know what I’m doing. I almost always know where to look it up. Most importantly: I’m aware of the knowledge gaps that I still have. I know how to apply my knowledge to different contexts, which criteria to use to make a technical decision and I’ve seen dozens of ways to achieve the same goal, so I can recommend a fitting one whenever asked. Getting to the point where I am today was hard.

To provide a solution for aspiring Software Developers, I’m happy to announce that I offer “Honest Courses”, a new training format. In my courses, I’ll show new, struggling, growing Software Developers important tricks of the trade you won’t find in the usual beginner’s guides. We’ll develop a real (tiny) software project from idea to delivery, focusing on different aspects of Software Development. Feel free to ask me for details.

Image: mohamed Hassan auf Pixabay

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