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IT Coaching

Corporate Trainings & Workshops

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How do you bring your IT team to the next level? Do you know where to go but have no idea how to get there? Do you want to reap the benefits of agile development or microservices, but your team lacks the necessary experience? Are you pivoting in a new direction and need to bring everyone on board? IT coaching is the way to go for your team!

It’s not enough to drop a binder of industry best practices on some desks and be done with it. Together with your team, we’ll iteratively migrate your processes and IT architecture to the desired state, while keeping in mind your specific domain and market. In the end, everyone will feel included and have a clear picture how to implement the vision that you have for your company.

No matter if you only need a new way to process tickets, or if you want to turn your entire enterprise upside down, I can help with empowering your team to do so, including

  • Workshops to (re)build or (re)configure teams
  • Implement or change ticket or other development processes
  • System architecture
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Increasing team velocity

Do you prefer a risk-free talk about possible solutions instead?

Personal IT Coaching

When I started working in IT, I would have loved if a skillful guru had taken me under the wing. However, I had to learn the tricks of the trade from practical experience. Today, I know what it means, to be a Software Developer, and I’m willing to share with you.

I can help you with IT coaching when…

  • You want to become a Software Developer or Tech Team Leader but are unsure how
  • You need guidance to follow your path, someone to talk to with ideas and experience
  • You need to prepare for a new role and don’t know how

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