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Solution Talks

Solution Talks are a risk-free way to optimize your IT team processes.

Is your IT team stuck? Your processes broken? Or is everything running smoothly but you wonder whether it could go even better?

With my “Solution Talk” I offer you a cost-efficient way to improve your IT.



  • need fresh ideas to solve a problem
  • want to “level up” your IT
  • want to try new paths without spending much money upfront
  • already have a proposal how to optimize, but you want a second opinion

Your team

  • is slow, taking forever for supposedly simple tasks
  • seems blocked
  • needs focus
  • is not “agile” enough
  • uses tools or processes, that aren’t ideal

If any of these is true, my offer is perfect for you!

How the Solution Talks work

  • You fill out a questionnaire with some basic questions regarding your current situation and the expected outcome
  • We’ll set an appointment to talk for one hour via voice or video call (your preference). We can talk in English or German. In this talk we’ll make sure that I understand your situation well enough to propose valuable solutions
  • I will send you a list of ideas how to proceed – just bullet points, not a full proposal

In the end you will have practical starting points to implement solutions. I’ll provide solutions that are flexible enough to be changed or adapted slightly, but practical enough to be implemented right away. If you need help with the implementation or if your target has moved and you need another talk, feel free to contact me again.

What the Solution Talks are NOT

  • A detailed analysis of your current problems, risks and liabilities. In this format, I focus on a solution, hence the name
  • A pair programming or debugging session
  • A sales pitch. While I’m happy to provide additional services later if needed, the solution talk is valuable and helpful in itself

Why the Solution Talks are great

  • Very fast results
  • You can adjust to “moving targets“. My solution will propel you in the right initial direction, you can adapt to a new target either with my help or without me
  • Independent of current tech stack, agile framework or team structure
  • Cost-efficient. You spend considerably less than on similar full-fledged solutions

How much is it?

200 €
plus VAT (200 € zzgl. 19% MwSt.)

That’s it. No hidden costs.

Offer consists of
– one hour audio or video call with me
– one e-mail with possible solutions (avenues you should explore, in my professional opinion, to improve your IT processes), sent max. 5 business days after the talk
– I try to be as clear as possible, if you have trouble understanding my points, I’ll of course answer a follow-up e-mail
– Offered in English or German