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I love all kinds of theatre and have worked as author, theatre manager, director and festival producer.

Theatre 2.0

I am one of the inventors of the concept „Theatre 2.0“ which I explored with my theatre group „Antigone 2.0“. Our goal was bringing the so-called „Web 2.0“ – a common buzzword at that time to describe „User Generated Content“ – to the stage. Our productions were a platform for the audience to provide own content via live chat, wiki articles or interactive theatre formats. Our experiments focused on ancient greek drama and were called „Antigone 2.0“, „Ödipedia“, „Ajax//Don Quichotte“.

In „Antigone 2.0“ we distributed laptops to the audience (as smartphones weren’t ubiquitous yet). Participants were encouraged to discuss the proceedings on stage via live chat which was projected onto the wall. The production was invited to LinuxTag 2008, the biggest trade fair for Linux in Europe. „Ödipedia“ explored letting outsiders create text and stage directions, costume ideas etc. „Ajax//Don Quichotte“ invented theatre as perpetual beta. Every show built upon the performance of the previous day, costumes were borrowed from audience members and in fact we rehearsed different plays than we performed

Theatre production: Festival „Antikekstase“

2010 I organized an international 4-day theatre festival. ANTIKEKSTASE was hosted at BROTFABRIK Berlin and brought a touch of the dionysiac in our modern times. Wine, comedians, tragic tales, movies, discussions, magical moments. The festival included a serious track about refugees and their struggle to flee to Europe.

The opening production „Der Rausch des Dionysos“ was invited to the FriKK-Festival after ANTIKEKSTASE. The guest performance „Der gute König Ödipus“ could perform in Vienna and Braunschweig thanks to contacts made during ANTIKEKSTASE. The team of the movie „Come un uomo sulla terra“ also made important connections at the festival.

Other creative projects

2008 I worked as directing assistent at „Opernbühne Württembergisches Allgäu“ for „Der Liebestrank“ (Donizetti).

I write short plays, one of them„La femme-être“ was read 2012 during „Read on my dear“ at YUMA-Bar. 2013 I wrote „Heimatfront“ as author for the 24 Hour Theatre Berlin – within a couple of hours I wrote the play which was brought to life the same day by Michael Schlecht. The same year I directed „Wo wir bestimmt sind“ (Georg Lichtenegger) at 24 Hour Theatre.

2007 I founded a writer’s circle called „Litera.Pur“ which has published several anthologies and performed publicly for the first time 2014 at Brotfabrik Berlin.