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Category: Software Development

Shared dependencies: Avoiding this micro antipattern

Teams use microservices and microfrontends to reduce mental load, decrease accidental coupling of unrelated code, to deploy independently, for fast feedback loops and CI runs, to isolate issues or to scale with team size. In a microservice architecture, you should avoid shared dependencies or a common core library. To be more precise, don’t share libraries that increase coupling.

As IT professionals, we know that. However, despite our best intentions, shared dependencies sometimes creep in and cause issues. From what I’ve seen, here are the most frequent occurrences in the backend:

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Symfony Guard component without using the whole framework

Implementing authentication in Symfony can be quite complicated. Even more so, if you attempt to use only the Security component without the whole framework. In this post I’ll show you, how you can use the Symfony Guard component with a form login and a logout link. So here’s what you can expect from implementing the code from this blog entry

  • Login with username and password by form
  • Stay logged in by using a session
  • Logout via Hyperlink “/logout”

My aim is to use as little components from Symfony as possible in this tutorial. Every project is different and I don’t know which components you might want to use.